Thursday, 1 May 2008

A workout of a different colour

Think you've seen it all when it comes to weird and whacky new fitness gadgets? The companies iJoy and OSIM have both developed similar versions of the same new exercise machine. The iJoy Ride and the iGallop both claim to tone core muscles and thighs while reportedly simulating the movements of a horse.

As a long time horse rider and trainer, I find it difficult to believe that a machine can simulate the movements of a real horse. A horse is a live animal and no two horses have the same movement due to stride length, terrain, and body conformation. Do these machines move like Quarter Horses or like Danish Warmbloods? A person riding a huge dressage-trained warmblood is going to get a heck of a better workout than the person jogging around on a western pleasure horse. The movement is sproingy-er, more elevated. Just watch the movement of a warmblood as opposed to a western pleasure horse.

At any rate, I suggest that a person not waste his or her money on such rubbish. Want great core muscles? Get out and ride the real thing. As a bonus, you acquire a new skill. Even Londoners can find places to ride!

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