Thursday, 15 May 2008

Breathe easier in the big city

The weather's warming up and some of us are just itching to get outside for our exercise after being cooped up for the long months of winter. However, living in a big city makes outdoor exercise surprisingly risky for our health. Extreme pollution can adversely affect the cardiovascular system, making the heart and lungs less efficient in getting the proper nutrients through the body.
There are ways to enjoy exercise in the city while minimizing our risk of cardiovascular damage.

  • First, you can assess the amount of pollution in your area with Google Earth's 3D air pollution map overlay.
  • Second, try exercising during early morning hours or later in the evening, after most of the work commuters have disappeared from roads.
  • Work out during or just after a heavy fog. Experts say that fogs help to clean the air.
  • On really hot summer days, opt for indoor climates, preferably ones with air conditioning, or wait until the sun has set to exert yourself out of doors.
Help keep the lungs of other exercisers clean by walking or biking to your local destinations. Pay it forward!

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