Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Get fit while you flop?

London seems to be going crazy over the FitFlop, a sandal that made headlines in New York due to it's reported thigh-toning powers. The shoe's built around a micro wobbleboard that the company claims helps to tone leg and bum muscles while you walk. The latest in summer footwear, worn by the likes of celeb singer Carly Simon, comes in a variety of styles and colours, as well as men's and women's versions. Clicking on the website reveals several emphatic testimonials.

Experts say use caution when wearing flip-flops of any kind, however. The lack of support they offer is not ideal for walking long distances or for playing sports. Excessive wear can cause damage to the achilles tendon and sometimes calf muscles as well. In addition to muscle damage, the flat rubbery sole of most flip-flop styles can cause the foot to roll inward, which can damage the arch of the foot,
Foot Pain from Flip Flops - The most popular videos are a click away not to mention that the whole of the foot is exposed to everything from blisters to fungi.

The bottom line: there is, as you probably suspected, no "easy way around" a proper hour of exercise every day. If you want to have toned legs and a superstar bum, start challanging yourself by taking on those hills as you walk. Walking is a fantastic way to get fit and to maintain a healthy heart, and you've got the whole summer, so get moving!

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