Thursday, 22 May 2008

Is it hot in here?

Light a fire under your work team with salsa dancing. Yes, salsa dancing! A London-based Latin dance company, provides workshops for coworkers to develop greater interpersonal skills and liven up the corporate environment.

In addition to team building, salsa dancing is a great cardio workout. Salsa classes are a great way to spice up your individual routine as well, especially if you're feeling unmotivated and bored at the gym.

If salsa isn't your thing, why not try the elegant world of ballroom dancing? Learn a variety of steps, from the waltz to swing. What a great way to have fun and get fit with someone you love!

Of course, if you're feeling like even more sizzle than salsa, there's always one of the latest fashion crazes that's popped up (or, should I say, hopped up) all over London: pole dancing fitness. Out of gentlemen's clubs and into fitness centres, the moves that have driven an entire industry have attracted London women in droves. Most courses are held in safe, female-friendly environments and claim to improve confidence in women as well as muscle tone, and to burn a purported 250 calories per session.

In the worlds of Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, "Keep on dancin!"

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