Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Love me, love my gym membership

Single and finding it hard to find a "fit" partner? Posting personal web ads only to attract scads of couch potatoes? Tired of daydreaming about fellow fitness diehards at your local gym because you don't feel comfortable approaching them in real life? Web entrepreneurs have answered the prayers of active singles who seek likeminded mates. Dozens of fitness dating sites have swooped onto the scene.

The UK's own, Dateactive, not only provides an interactive dating site, but also keeps members posted on various fitness activities in the UK and all over Europe. Whether you seek a fitness buddy or an athletic mate, this site allows you to browse sporty singles and contact them for a membership fee of £15/month. Singles events are also arranged by the site as an in-person meet-and-greet fun activity. As a bonus feature, you also get a daily horoscope.

Looking for singles outside of the UK? FitSingles.com has access to active singles all over the world. Keeping the active individual in mind, the Website also has access to activities and events, which allow person-to-person interaction. The site also has a chat feature, allowing for real-time conversation for those shy persons to warm up to a potential mate or activity partner.

Website entrepreneurs are springboarding off of the success of internet dating sites such as Match.com, and developing more specialized online dating services. Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly through potential partners to find the one or two who share similar fitness interests. Gone are the days of posting an ad that's answered by people whose idea of a workout is getting up to grab another beer from the fridge. Developers are creating sites for likeminded people, hopefully increasing people's chances of finding "the one."

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